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Aquaman: Ocean defender and lover

May 24, 2022

Aquaman: Ocean defender and lover

The world deepest Mariana Trench are 10911 meters.The average human scuba diving can only reach 30-40m

The Kayarine motto, “Go with the flow”

We have our own explanation for the motto “Go with the flow”. Instead of flowing with the wave and wind, we flow with our hearts and mind. Chasing towards where our heart goes just like we chase the wave and wind when we surf is the ultimate goal for everyone. We were implanted by traditional education when we first meet the world, good grades can lead you to a successful pathway. With good grades you can be a doctor, architect, lawyer, etc, all the high-income jobs will be open for you. But the question is “Are you happy?”, many people have to spend their whole life to figure it out. What makes you happy? We believe are things that you are willing to spend time and left everything behind. Our happiness is fighting, sweating, bleeding, growing, building, and getting better together, we believe attitude defines our altitude. We urge to achieve more, not only kayak rental service but more… “Go with the flow” is a decision and a process for everyone to find their own happiness.

Building an Outdoor Sports Brand

A lot of people asked why we started this kayak rental business, and the answer is simple, we love outdoor sports activities. We would choose a sunbath rather than LED light bath in the office. Even when we are not at the sea, we will be grinding at the gym. We are so passionate about outdoor sports activities that we want to achieve more. Does anyone like to wear a jersey with their name on it and hoop at the court? I bet the majority of people do! Imagine kayaking at the sea wearing our own product, just like Michael Jordan wearing AJ to hoop, that must be very fascinating. So, we decided to build our own brand, however a castle doesn’t build in one day, it is harder than what it looks like. We self-taught to write our own website, driving a speedboat(with legal license), managing our instagram, shooting with a drone… However that’s only one skill we can’t self taught, it is designing skills. None of us are majoring in fashion design in University, such that we feel like hitting on a big stone with our kayaks. Luckily, one of our customers became our friend and became our designer( Koh Gor). He is a product manager in a clothing company. As we meet during quarantine, we discuss, process and create our first designed product. 

Every Great Story are Written from Small Story

A few years ago, kayaking was not a popular water activity. We saw yachts partying, fishing and diving all the time, but not kayaking. We didn’t have sailing licenses and boats back then, so what we can do if we want to go out to sea, the answer is kayaking. All of us bought a private kayak and went wherever we wanted every weekend. Exploring every beach and hidden spot that we can reach. A few months later, we saw more and more people kayaking on the way to the beach, so we decided to start our kayak rental business. We believe it will become a famous water activity when people see through the views in our eyes. It unchained everyone from the modern world, going with the flow freely to the ocean. Everyone can have a piece of their own yacht, sailing on the sea, exploring their own path just like we do.

The Ocean Is What We All Have in Common

Inside Kayarine, kayak is least important, the most important part is marine. Marine represents joy and cure, relieving the big balloon puffed up in our rapid and stressful working environment. However rapid development in the human race comes with rapid pollution and destruction of the ocean. Ocean pollution has become a big issue and more and more marine species are facing extinction. As it continues there will be irreversible damage to the diversity of marine species. We hate to discuss verbally how to protect the ocean in class, doing exams about environmental protection. Does it work? or does it do any impact on the ocean, mostly doesn’t. Thus one of the core values of Kayarine is “Don’t take it for granted”. We take and we give, just like how bees and flowers work together. We earn from the ocean, we protect the ocean from harm, which is the basic law. We hope to promote environmental-friendly living patterns and green consumption patterns. Use recycled material to design our own products and packaging as well. We are the little against the many, let’s do a little recycling every day, one day it will become many and many will become greatness.

In this high-density concrete forest, people get lost and fall into darkness easily. We work so hard every day just to earn money for a living, but forget what are living for. Just like the soul gets lost in the movie “Soul”, becomes stubborn, dark, and full of negative energy. Many obsessions from different thoughts can drag us down to the hole, we believe nature is the ladder and rescuer to pull us up from the slope. A short time of break can keep you in peace, and a joyful time in the ocean can lead you to peace. May the ocean force be with every one of you.

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